Unique Pens and Special Requests

At Red River Pens I am pleased to offer quality handcrafted works of art. Each pen is made using the finest materials.

I would also be honored  to make any of my pens  from wood furnished by you, the customer.  Pens made from sentimental wood soon become family heirlooms. I have made pens from baseball bats, bowling pins, Christmas tree trunks, flooring, furniture parts, wood from trees from family homesteads, solid surface counter top material, and other pieces of sentimental wood too numerous to list. Contact the me at the address below to discuss a truly custom pen or the possibility of using your unique material.

Another service I can offer is custom engraving using a laser. Names, logos, line drawings are all possibilities. Quite extravagant engravings can be done with lasers. Contact me for more info on laser engraving. I don't do the engraving, but the engraver I use is incredible.

Multiple pens orders for corporate gifts to investors, gifts to special employees, and pens for other special occasions are all possible.

The following pens were all custom orders. I can make any of these custom pens, not exactly, of course, but as closely  as I can!

Prickly pear cactus cast in resin. Can be done on any style pen. This cactus was cast by Curtis Seebeck of San Marcos, TX





This pen symbolizes a dive flag and was made for a SCUBA diver


The owner of this pen is a cigar aficionado...it was the size of the cigar he smokes.


A pen made for a leather worker as a birthday gift from his wife. It is made from leather disks, mesquite burl and bloodwood. Leather can be used on any pen style.


This pen was made for my daughter for her graduation from college: Oklahoma State University.



This pair was made for a customer who requested a pen and pencil set that matched

This was a special order for a retiring judge. The gavel has a fountain pen in the handle.



These pencils are made using the popular Pentel Sharp pencil. The plastic barrel is replaced with one from wood, acrylic, or even antler.




Made for an art teacher. The blank was made by Bruce Robbins. Thanks Bruce. Most any picture can be done the same way, especially grandchildren photos. I am currently exploring printing and casting document replicas such as diplomas or marriage liscenses.





Texas Flag pen and pencil set.


A pen made for a hunter using her favorite rifle cartridge... a 25-06. Wood is desert ironwood.


Made from tulipwood for a tulip collector and grower.


This snake skin pen was one of several pens made by independent pen makers and featured in an article in Stylus Magazine.


Six Pens made from deer antler


Click pens: A special order for nurses... they like click pens because they operate with one hand and can be used with medical charts.


Closed end baseball bat pen

Custom wood baseball bats at greensborobats.com


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