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Here are some links to some of my favorite penmaking websites.
Penturning forum including photo albums, library of tutorials on pen making techniques and much more. This is where the International Association of Penturners meet.
Penturning email list. This is the Yahoo Penturners Group. This group has an excellent search of archives and an extensive library of techniques, materials, and links to penturning suppliers./
Penturning email list similar to the others. Lots of photo galleries, articles, and penturning help.
The PanMakersGuild is an offshoot of the Yahoo! group and membership is not automatic as is membership in the Yahoo! Penturners group. A masterpiece pen must be submitted and membership is given or denied by a committee. Posts can be read but other info is private. But, the contents of the group's archives can be fully accessed at Browse the galleries to see some incredible pens. Read the articles or watch the videos for expert advice from excellent penmakers.


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