Snake skin Pens

I have begun casting rattlesnake pen blanks and they are making really striking pens. Yes, I use real rattlesnake skin, cast it in clear polyester resin. The blanks are then turned on my lathe and polished to a brilliant scratch free surface. Take a look at some of these incredible pens.  There should be snake skin pens for sale in the gallery or contact me for more info or a special order. I can even use your own snake skin if it is soft tanned. Any pen style found on this website can be made using snake skin. Contact me at:

This pen is the Baron in Satin Nickel plating which compliments the silver gray tips of the skin scales.  The Pen is just a little over 5 inches in length and the pen is available in gold, chrome, sterling silver, platinum, and black titanium platings. The pen is available in both rollerball and fountain pen styles.

This pen is the the Gentleman's Pen and is a big brother to the Baron. It also is available in the various platings as the Baron above and is also available in rollerball and fountain pen.

These two pens just may be one of my favorite pens using snake skin. The pens are similar to the size of a cross twist ballpoint, but a little larger in diameter. The cap is larger than the barrel and the snake skin is sandwiched between two slices of wood matching the barrel section. This pen has an elegant look and is a unique writing instrument.

This pen is the style referred to as the cigar pen because of its size which is close to that of a real cigar. The pen pictured here has chrome plating but also come in gold, black titanium, and rhodium.

This little jewel is the little Havana and is a fountain pen. I use one of these daily and the pen is a fine writing pen. The cap posts and the pen is available in gold and platinum. There is a larger size called the Havana which is a rollerball. A pen similar to this one was featured in an article in the June/July 2007 issue of Stylus Magazine.

The pen use in this trio is the Sierra. It is a unique little pen which uses a parker style refill in either ballpoint of jell ink. The pen is small enough for a purse but large enough that it fits into a shirt pocket and is a very comfortable pen with which to use.

This may just be my favorite pen using snake skins. These woods are EMU apple, mesquite, and madrone burl, from back to front

Notice in this picture how the resin magnifies the skin pattern once the blank is turned and polished. The blotches on the upper unturned blank  and the lower  turned and polished blank are the same size. But the curve of the turned and polished resin magnifies the pattern, as can be seen.


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