These images are representative of the woods that I have in stock. Color and grain pattern may vary from one piece of wood to another. I purchase wood with as much figure and grain pattern as I can find. Enjoy viewing these woods. Other woods are available or can be ordered if the wood you want is not in this list.


Afzelia                                               Amboyna                                             Balsamo


Beefwood                                         Blackwood, African                             Bloodwood


Bocote                                                   Chechen                                        Cherry


Cocobolo                                          Coolabah, Australian                       Ebony, gaboon


Ebony, macassar                              Ebony, Munn                                    Gidgee


Goncalo Alves                                 Granadillo                                     Ironwood, desert


 Jarrah                                             Jatoba                                           Kingwood


KOA                                                  Lacewood                                    Leopardwood


Lignum Vitae                                  Macadamia Nut                            Madrone (burl)


Mahogany, African                         Mahogany, Honduras                    Red Mallee burl


Mango                                           Manzinata                                       Maple, big leaf


Maple, birdseye                             Maple, curley                                 Maple, hard


 Mesquite, honey                              Monkeypod                                    Mulga


Narra                                                 Oak, fishtail                                Oak, red


Oak, white                                         Ohia                                            Olivewood


Osage Orange                                     Padauk                                        Palm, black


Palm, red                                              Partridgewood                       Pernambuco


Purpleheart                                           Pink Ivory                                Redwood


River red gum                                  Rosewood, bolivian                 Rosewood, brizillian


Rosewood, east Indian                  Rosewood,honduran                     Rosewood, madagascar


Sapele                                                    Sheoak                                 Snakewood


Teak                                                      Texas Ebony                          Thuya


Tulipwood                                            Walnut, black                                 Walnut, claro


Wenge                                            Zebrawood                                           Zircote


Thanks for looking. If a special wood is needed and is not shown, it should be available from one of my suppliers. Contact me and I will check availability. Using a customer's wood is also possible.

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