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A pen tagged as SOLD means that the pen in the picture is indeed sold, but another pen of the same material, style, and plating can be made and will be soon. As soon as I get another pen of the same style, I will remove the sold pen's picture to another page and post the new pen's picture in its place. After a couple of weeks, the sold pens will be moved to the Sold Pen Gallery and a new pen will take its place.



Baron Fountain Pen
Price SOLD
Chrome Plating
Curly Hondouran Mahagony

Baron Rollerball
Price SOLD
Chrome Plating
Amboyna Burl (bark inclusion)

Black Dyed Boxelder Burl  Emperor Fountain Pen
Price SOLD
Platinum Plating

Gentleman's Rollerball
Price SOLD
Platinum Plating
Prickley Pear Cactus Skeleton encapsulated in acrylic resin

Rattlesnake Skin Sierra
 SOLD  Price $95.00
Real rattlesnake skin encapsulated in resin
black titanium/gold

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Piano Gentleman's Pen
SOLD Price $145.00
African Blackwood and Holly
Platinum plating

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